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Private and Secure Networks with Linode VLAN


Create a private Layer 2 network for secure communication between your Linodes.

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Secure Networking with Linode VLAN

Increase cloud infrastructure security and streamline broadcast traffic with a free VLAN service from Linode.

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Increase Security

Configure your Linodes with private and/or public Network Interfaces to control which of your workloads has access to public and private networks. Securely transmit sensitive data across your private VLAN.

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Flexible, Easy Setup

Customize your private network to suit your use case. Create up to 10 Private VLANs per data center, and apply up to 3 VLANs to a single Linode. Assign your preferred private network IP range to your VLAN.

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Optimize Traffic

Streamline how your data is transmitted by segmenting traffic into smaller dedicated “lanes”, or multiple broadcast domains, to reduce broadcast traffic and application latency.

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Reduce Network Transfer Costs

Private Network transfer is free. This means that communication over a VLAN does not count against a Linode’s monthly network transfer quota.


Technical Specifications

  • Fully isolated private networking for Cloud-based resources
  • Operates on Layer 2 of the OSI model (the data link layer)
  • More flexible than Layer 3 based VPC (Virtual Private Cloud) solutions
  • Supports all logical Ethernet features, such as L2 broadcast and L2 multicast
  • Supports any Layer 3 protocol, including IP (Internet Protocol)
  • User assignable IPv4 addresses

Usage Specifications

  • Each account can maintain up to 10 VLANs per region
  • Each Compute Instance can belong to up to 3 VLANs
  • Network transfer over a VLAN does not count towards your account’s network transfer allowance

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Introduction to VLAN

Creating a Private VLAN

Create your L2 private network with Linode resources running in the same data center.


The Process Is Simple:

  1. Create Your Linodes
  2. Configure Your VLAN
  3. Attach VLAN(s) to additional Linodes

Additional Features

Free Service

VLAN is a free network service available to all Linode customers, in addition to Advanced DDoS and Cloud Firewall.

Seamless VLAN Management

Configure VLAN how you prefer to configure the rest of your Linode services. Choose between the API, Command Line Interface, or Cloud Manager.

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